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November 26, 2018

Dear friends and supporters,

As our website states, there is “Good News from Uganda” …


Food prepared for the students!


Because of our faithful student and teacher SPONSORS and DONORS that God has raised up … God’s Love and Care School near Kabwoya, Uganda is thriving. The children have clean water, much better food, quarterly healthcare visits, are receiving a Christian education, and the orphans have decent housing. With two large dormitories, a modern kitchen, a large dining pavilion, a new teachers’ quarters building all completed … and the first of two large Classroom Buildings nearing completion, we feel that we must now use the word “Campus” to describe our school grounds. Student and Teacher Sponsorship makes possible the day-to-day operational essentials … food, clothing (school uniforms), teachers’ and administrators’ salaries, healthcare, and many other expressions of love and care.

         The new Classroom Building #1 (see photo on the next page) will provide three large classrooms (for up to 150 students), a library, a first-aid station, and a teachers’ meeting/planning room, as well as administrative offices for the entire campus.

 hand-washing before meals at our “Tippy-tap”
A line-up of hungry kids every day
Happy and thankful!
 hand-washing before meals at our “Tippy-tap”
A line-up of hungry kids every day
Happy and thankful!









Classroom Building #1 at God’s Love and Care School … Kabwoya, Uganda



God willing, we will add a second large building in 2019 with an identical footprint and courtyard between. This will include five more large teaching classrooms to house the remainder of the students in grades P-1 through P-7. Later we hope to build a small 3-room facility to house the kindergarten/pre-school/nursery section. This will complete most of the necessary infrastructure for God’s Love and Care School.

In the meantime, our partners in Uganda are working hard to find ways to make the operation of the school self-sustaining. This may include modest school fees, farm production on nearby school-owned property, etc. We are working together to ensure the long-term successful operation of this wonderful school that brings hope and opportunity where there was none.

ADDITIONAL NEWS UPDATE  …  Even before the buildings have all been completed at God’s Love and Care School, we have begun work to plan a Vocational Training School on the same campus. We plan to upgrade the condition of the older school buildings (see the light-blue structure in the background in the photo above), develop a curriculum, source tools and equipment, and hire teachers for this vocational training school by the end of 2020. This will give a wonderful option to those graduating from God’s Love and Care School who might not be able to attend regular secondary school anywhere in the area. We will keep you posted about the progress of these plans. We would so appreciate your help in completing Classroom Building #2 in 2019!

Thanks again for your continued faithful support of all that God is doing in this rural area of Uganda, East Africa. Please tell your friends and fellow church members about the opportunity to sponsor a student or a teacher by visiting our website …


Merry Christmas from the Board of Directors of Healthy Communities Unlimited.

Jim Gutzwiller (Mountain Springs Church in SLC, Utah); Kathy Klein and Jane Kerr and Pete Cady and Susan Krance (Christ Church at Grove Farm in Mt. Nebo, PA); Peter Martin (St. Stephens Church – Sewickley, PA); Ken Wilson (Harmony-Zelienople PA – United Methodist Church); and Les Gutzwiller (Grace Church of Harmony, PA).


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Praise …
The 7-person HCU mission team has just completed their work in Uganda and will arrive safely back in the USA on February 5th. We are all looking forward to hearing about the relationships built and work completed during this trip. We already know that the new Staff Quarters Building has been completed and the excited teachers at God’s Love and Care School will be able to move into this building soon. The team did teaching about sewing, women’s hygiene, and visited the prison for evangelism. Many of these team members are from St. Peter’s Church in Zelienople where interest in African mission work … especially Uganda … is growing! The spirits of this team were encouraged by nightly Bible-based devotional times together. The Lord has certainly used this team in laying the groundwork for the upcoming June 2018 mission trip when some 20 other team members will be traveling to Uganda. Along with all of us, Rev. John Kitalibara, Director of God’s Love and Care School offers his prayers of thanksgiving for the continued sponsorships, donations, and growing relationships that are making a positive difference in the spiritual, educational, and economic lives of the children in this rural area of Uganda.

Prayer …
Please prayer for all the preparations for the June 2018 mission trip. In addition to construction of the new classroom building this team hopes to develop a new library at God’s Love and Care School. Part of the team will focus on medical issues including hygiene, first aid, and establishing a baseline for each student’s health history. The team will do Bible-based teaching about celibacy, personal finances, and integrity in living. We hope to investigate the possibility of developing a new vocational training school to teach locally relevant vocational skills. Another part of our team will be focusing on developing the farm near the school … growing produce and animal husbandry. All of this, including safe travel for the team, must be blanketed with the faithful prayers of the saints before and during the trip. The team wishes to work hand-in-hand with our Ugandan brothers and sisters in Christ to encourage development that can be self-sustaining. We ask for prayers from the whole team of donors, sponsors, and encouragers to keep us willing but humble as the work is carried out in a manner pleasing to our Lord.

Serving Together with You,
Les Gutzwiller, Chairman
Healthy Communities Unlimited … a 501(c)3 Corporation




Nearly completed and to be moved into in February, 2018.  Our teaching staff is ECSTATIC!

Former teacher housing complete with dirt floors . . .




C.E.E.D. at Christ Church of Grove Farm


Now when we arrived in Uganda the scene along most roadways was of children

traveling as much as 2 1/2 miles to secure water from creeks and springs .  .  .


Please watch our interview with Rev. John Kitilibara

Clean Water at God’s Love and Care School – Uganda


Rev. John Kitalibara explains the value of a clean water well

now in operation at God’s Love and Care School in rural Uganda



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